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Holly Blackwell, the owner of H2M Solutions,is a Small Business Marketing Advocate, Writer,Blogger, Speaker and Teacher. She has worked with a diverse spectrum of businesses ranging from self-employed consultants to billion-dollar corporations, sole proprietorships to medical professionals, real estate sales to horse farms, and a great number of non-profit organizations,retail businesses and professional service providers.

She champions the cause of small businesses in Texas with her proven two-step process of:

1) Helping businesses define their true purpose.
2) Creating marketing solutions that attract loyal customers to that business without breaking the bank on advertising.

Holly’s passion, and H2M’s goal, is to make sure Texas businesses can thrive no matter what the economy is doing! She works from home on her ranch in Abilene. She loves coffee, chocolate, biking, native plant gardening, reading, and playing games with her son.


Hi! I’m Holly Blackwell, the founder of H2M Solutions, wife of a local rancher, mother of an amazing and tireless son, and teacher at a local transformational Bible Study group. Thank you for taking the time to learn about me and why I do what I do.

I love living and working in Abilene and the Big Country! That’s why I am so proud to be able to help our business owners THRIVE the way they deserve to, not just survive.

Since 2009 I’ve made it my mission to help local businesses attract and create loyal customers so that they can prosper in both the good and bad economical times.

In late 2008, after creating multiple successful websites and marketing campaigns for myself and several friends and business referrals, I realized that the success that came naturally to me did not come as easily to far too many Abilene businesses.

I noticed that many of them were struggling with their marketing. I saw terrible websites, half-done marketing campaigns and languishing social media sites. I heard “I tried that and it didn’t work” or “My customers just don’t use the internet to find me” or “I’m paying hundreds of dollars for SEO a month – but I don’t know if I am getting any customers from it.”

What these businesses were doing wasn’t working. They needed help, and I knew I needed to share my secrets of success with them. And so, H2M Solutions was born.

Eleven years and hundreds (dozens?) of happy customers later I’m ready to put my knowledge and skills to work for you and your business. Click the “Get Started”Button/Call Now to learn how we can grow your business together. I can’t wait to meet you!

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