Add Features and Update a Current Website

Need to add features to your website? Contact pages, image slideshows, social networking links, and more. Abilene website designer creates responsive designed websites with all your needed features.

Technology changes quickly. Your existing website may no longer be working with the features that were originally the latest. Your website needs to have features that work on all devices, computer screens, monitors of all sizes, tablets, and all phone screen sizes.

Your old website may have areas of your website that are not able to be seen on smaller screens, leaving your web visitors no way to access your buttons, or links to pages on your site.

Abilene Website Designer can design and create a website for you with any and all features and functions you need for your business. The first and most important requirement is a responsive design.

You can add anything you need to your website including:

+ Contact Forms
+ Image displays
+ Photo galleries
+ Video galleries
+ Music Players
+ Calendars
+ Booking Calendars (Appointment schedules)
+ Event Calendars
+ Social Network Icons and links
+ RSS feeds
+ Mailing lists
+ Live chat
+ Payment
and more…

You can also add site area functions such as:

+ Blogs
+ Forums
+ Ecommerce (shopping)
+ Portfolio displays (for photographers etc)
and More…

Any new areas or functions added to your website will match your website design, so don’t worry! If your website is color coded in one color (eg: yellow), then Abilene Website Designer can make any additions to your existing or new website design match!

Feel free to email us with any inquiries, and let us know what you need for your website. We’re happy to answer. You can find our contact info here.

Important info disclaimer:
Including features and functions on some older website designs may not be possible. Outdated sites, using older page codes (and similar) may require a complete overhaul to begin using newer features.
Think of it like, square peg, round hole.