Previous Website Builds for Clients in the Abilene Area, Texas.

These are websites built for previous clients or older builds of current websites.  They are presented here to show what has been done and display some other design ideas.
Testimonials are available on our testimonials page here

abilene-website-design-3  Cano’s Garden Center

This is a Small Business Website with 5 pages.  The client wanted bold and bright colors with the capacity to add text, coupons and information.  Full text writing and basic SEO was included.

This client was using a monthly service to design and host their website.  This service took months to get their content changed or updated.  The client wanted more control over the content and the ability to make changes on the fly.  In addition they were not ranking for their desired terms.  They now have full access to their website along with helpful videos to walk them through changes.  And they are now found on page 1 of Google for 2 of their desired terms.



abilene-website-design-4  Pinnacle Countertop Solutions

This is a Small Business Website for a home improvement wholesaler.  This website consists of 145 pages.  Full text writing, testimonial collection and SEO services were included.

This client wanted a robust gallery of photos for viewing their products that would allow their clients and secondary market to find and view the products they are interested in.




abilene-website-design-15 Abilene Sleep Solutions

This is a Lead Generation Website for a local dentist with 7 pages, a contact form and a lead generation form.  Logo design, full text writing, and SEO services were included.

The client is no longer using this site, but I have included the image as an example of a lead generation site.





abilene-website-design-2Bucketheads of Abilene

This client chose to go with a different platform in early of 2015.  But I am leaving it here as an example of our work.

This is an Ecommerce Website designed for a local retail shop.  We custom designed the graphics to their exact specifications and set them up to manage their online store.  Text writing and SEO services were included.

Before we designed this website, the client was unhappy they could not be found in the search engines for several of their desired terms.  After this design and employing some basic SEO, they are now found on page 1 (and for many terms, position 1) for these desired terms.’s vibrant, standout unforgettable graphics sets them apart from their competitors. And shows you how graphically creative you can be with your custom design!



abilene-website-design-1Finley & Runyan, DDS, Abilene Family Dentists

This is a Local Dentist website design consisting of 33 pages including a contact form, a testimonial collection form and client intake forms.  Photography, a blog and full text writing was included.

This business changed their name within the last 6 months and we are currently performing search engine optimization (SEO) work on the website.





ENT Specialists of Abilene

This is a website for a Local Doctor’s Office.  We converted the website to WordPress and reworked and added photos, text and did extensive SEO work to the site.

This client was using an out of town service for their website and wanted someone local that they could reach quickly and talk to face-to-face.




ENT Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Center

This was a completely new business website design for a local doctor with a new practice.  The website has 19 pages, including an appointment form and patient intake forms.  Full logo and graphic design work, Photography, a blog, full text writing and SEO services were included

Since this was a completely new business, they were not listed in Google at all.  Within 4 months of launching the site, the business is now found on page 1 and within the top 3 results for their preferred key terms.



abilene-website-design-6Allergy and Asthma Clinic of Abilene

This is a website for a Local Doctor’s Office with 11 pages.  Full text writing, Photography, logo design and basic SEO were included.

This was a completely new website design as the business did not have one previously.  Without a website, their Google listings were completely out of sync and they were not found for searches for their desired terms.  Now, their listings are correct and they rank for their most desired terms – usually within the top 3 ranks.



abilene-website-design-13 Texas Book Author Gerri Jimenez

This website was for a Texas Author to promote and sell her book.  It consists of 5 pages, a paypal integration and a blog.

We incorporated the illustrations from her book into the site and gave her full control of publishing updates to her blog.






First Financial Trust & Asset Management Company

The bank decided to incorporate this website into their own in early 2015.  I have left this on here as an example of our work.

This is a Corporate Website with 30 pages and a slide show designed to the clients specifications using their color scheme.  Full text writing, photography, testimonial collection, and extensive SEO services were included.

This was a completely new website build and previously, this company could not be found on the web separate from the bank website.  After launch of the website and search engine optimization techniques were employed, the business is found on page 1 of Google for their desired terms.




This is my Small Business Website highlighting H2M-Solutions’ Marketing Services with 30 pages, a slide show, custom graphics and color scheme, and a blog. Full text writing, photography, testimonial collection, and extensive SEO services were included.







This is a Small Business Website redesign with 10 pages, a contact form and slide show.  We converted this website to WordPress and added text, images, and performed full SEO services.

This client came to me because after having his website built, he was still nowhere to be found in the search engine rankings.  After an SEO audit, we found multiple problems and offered the solutions.  Now, he is found on pg. 1 of Google for all of his desired terms and usually in position 1 or 2.